LCTES 2015

Languages, Compilers, Tools and Theory for Embedded Systems

18th and 19th June 2015, Portland, Oregon, USA

Conference Program

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Thursday: June 18
Session - Novel Compilation Techniques - Chair: Chengmo Yang
9:30-10:00Alen Bardizbanyan, Magnus Själander, David Whalley and Per Larsson-Edefors. Improving Data Access Efficiency by Using Context-Aware Loads and Stores
10:00-10:30Soumyadeep Ghosh, Yongjun Park and Arun Raman. Enabling Efficient Alias Speculation
10:30-11:00Qingrui Liu, Changhee Jung, Dongyoon Lee and Devesh Tiwari. Clover: Compiler Directed Lightweight Soft Error Resilience
Session - Architecture for embedded systems - Chair: Sebastian Fischmeister
2:00-2:30Ryan Baird, Peter Gavin, Magnus Sjalander, David Whalley and Gang-Ryung Uh. Optimizing Transfers of Control in the Static Pipeline Architecture
2:30-3:00Zhenkai Zhang and Xenofon Koutsoukos. Improving the Precision of Abstract Interpretation Based Cache Persistence Analysis
3:00-3:30Wenguang Zheng and Hui Wu. WCET-Aware Dynamic D-cache Locking for A Single Task
Session - Hardware-aware software design - Chair: Jingtong Hu
4:00-4:30Adam Procter, William Harrison, Ian Graves, Michela Becchi and Gerard Allwein. Semantics Driven Hardware Design, Implementation, and Verification with ReWire
4:30-5:00Kamyar Mirzazad Barijough, Matin Hashemi, Volodymyr Khibin and Soheil Ghiasi. Implementation-Aware Model Analysis: The Case of Buffer-Throughput Tradeoff in Streaming Applications
5:00-5:30Chen Liu and Chengmo Yang. Secure and Durable (SEDURA): An Integrated Encryption and Wear-leveling Framework for PCM-based Main Memory
Friday: June 19
Invited Session: Benchmarking - Chair: Sayan Mitra
9:00-9:30Bruce Childers. OCCAM: Open Curation for Computer Architecture Modeling
9:30-10:00Shay Gal-on. Benchmarking processors - Science or Art?
10:00-10:30Tim Murray. Lessons from Benchmarking and Optimizing Android
10:30-11:00Sebastian Fischmeister. Datamill: Rigorous Single-computer Performance Evaluation Made Easy
Session - Real-time and platform-specific - Chair: Florence Maraninchi
2:00-2:30Isabella Stilkerich, Clemens Lang, Christoph Erhardt and Michael Stilkerich. A Practical Getaway: Optimizations for Escape Analysis in Embedded Real-Time Systems
2:30-3:00Christian Dietrich, Martin Hoffmann and Daniel Lohmann. Cross-Kernel Control-Flow–Graph Analysis for Event-Driven Real-Time Systems
3:00-3:30Hans Christian Woithe and Ulrich Kremer. TrilobiteG : A programming architecture for autonomous underwater vehicles
Session - Programming robotics - Chair: Jason Xue
4:00-4:30Stanislav Manilov, Björn Franke, Anthony Magrath and Cedric Andrieu. Free Rider: A Tool for Retargeting Platform-Specific Intrinsic Functions
4:30-5:00Yixiao Lin and Sayan Mitra. StarL: Towards a Unified Framework for Programming, Simulating and Verifying Distributed Robotic Systems